Zoom $80 freestyle
Zoom $80 freestyle

$80 freestyle



You can pick the colour palette for your design if you like or let us have full creative control.  

Here’s how it’s going to work-

1. We get in contact with to confirm the details of your order. Eg. colour combos, nail art you may or may not like. 

2. We post you a sizing kit (if you have purchased before don’t stress we have your sizes saved) 

3. You give us your sizes. 

4. We will make your custom press ons. 


5. You carefully follow our application instructions and booooom bby you’re all kitted out with your new custom press ons!! 

Hand-painted with love.


This kit includes: 

  • 10x custom made press-on nails to fit your nails
  • 1 nail file/buffer
  • 1 premium adhesive glue (upto 2 weeks wear)
  • OR
  • Adhesive glue tabs (upto 2 days wear)
  • Alcohol preparation swabs
  • 1x wooden cuticle pusher
  • Preparation and Aftercare instructions

ONYX will not be held responsible for incorrect sizing.

$80 freestyle